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Personalized Video Transcription/Translation Localization Services showcasing your products and services to global audiences.

Approximately 80% of the people in the world cannot understand and speak English. If you’re selling your products and services only to the English speaking market, you’re missing out big! 
What if you could take the videos of whatever it is you’re selling and put them in front of people who speak languages from different parts of the world? 
Wouldn’t that significantly put a surge in your traffic and sales?


Sales/Marketing/Testimonial Videos
Trainings/On-boarding Videos/Webinars
How-To/Walkthrough Videos
Product Review/Opinion/Interviews
Video Courses/Lectures/Workshops

NON-SENSITIVE recorded Skype, Microsoft Team, Whereby, GoToMeeting and Zoom meetings

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Video Transcription

Video SOURCE language dialects* available for creating video subtitles (along with a printed transcript) [38]:

“Source language dialects” refers to the language that the original video is spoken in

Dutch (Belgium), Dutch (Netherlands), Italian (Italy), Italian (Switzerland), Japanese (Japan), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian (Russia)

Albanian (Albania), Armenian (Armenia), Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan), Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Burmese (Myanmar), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Belgium), Dutch (Netherlands), Estonian (Estonia), Filipino (Philippines), Finnish (Finland), Georgian (Georgia), Greek (Greece), Hebrew (Israel), Hungarian (Hungary), Icelandic (Iceland), Italian (Italy), Italian (Switzerland), Japanese (Japan), Khmer (Cambodia), Korean (South Korea), Lao (Laos), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Macedonian (North Macedonia), Malay (Malaysia), Mongolian (Mongolia), Nepali (Nepal), Norwegian Bokmål (Norway), Persian (Iran), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal),  Punjabi (Gurmukhi India), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Serbian (Serbia), Sinhala (Sri Lanka), Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Ukrainian (Ukraine), Uzbek (Uzbekistan), Vietnamese (Vietnam)


English Dialects [15]

English (Australia), English (Canada), English (Ghana), English (Hong Kong), English (Ireland), English (Kenya), English (New Zealand), English (Nigeria), English (Pakistan), English (Philippines), English (Singapore), English (South Africa), English (Tanzania), English (United Kingdom), English (United States)


French Dialects [4]

French (Belgium), French (Canada), French (France), French (Switzerland)

German Dialects [3]

German (Austria), German (Germany), German (Switzerland)


Spanish Dialects [23]

Basque (Spain), Catalan (Spain), Galician (Spain), Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Bolivia), Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Costa Rica), Spanish (Dominican Republic), Spanish (Ecuador), Spanish (El Salvador), Spanish (Guatemala), Spanish (Honduras), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Nicaragua), Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Paraguay), Spanish (Peru), Spanish (Puerto Rico), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Uruguay), Spanish (Venezuela)

African Continent [5]

Afrikaans (South Africa), Amharic (Ethiopia), Swahili (Kenya), Swahili (Tanzania), Zulu (South Africa)

Arabic [16]

Arabic (Israel), Arabic (Jordan), Arabic (United Arab Emirates), Arabic (Bahrain), Arabic (Algeria), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (Iraq), Arabic (Kuwait), Arabic (Morocco), Arabic (Tunisia), Arabic (Oman), Arabic (State of Palestine), Arabic (Qatar), Arabic (Lebanon), Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Yemen)

Chinese Dialects [4]

Chinese-Cantonese (Hong Kong), Chinese-Mandarin (China), Chinese-Mandarin (Hong Kong), Chinese-Mandarin (Taiwan)

Indonesian [3]

Indonesian (Indonesia), Javanese (Indonesia), Sundanese (Indonesia)

Tamil [3]

Tamil (Malaysia), Tamil (Singapore), Tamil (Sri Lanka)


Video Translation


Chinese (Simplified) | Dutch | English | French | German | Italian

Japanese | Polish | Portuguese (Brazilian) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Russian | Spanish

Select the “CC” button at the bottom of the video below to view either English or Spanish subtitles through the video player.

Example Project Pricing

Phillip Zimbardo – The Secret Powers of Time presented by RSAnimate
Renowned psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo explains how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being.

Video transcribed from YouTube (

PROJECT REQUEST: Transcribe English/1 speaker video and create a new subtitled/captioned English video. Also translate into Spanish and create a subtitled/captioned Spanish version video.

Source Language:
Video Duration: 10:08 (calculated @ 10 audio minutes)

English Transcript (PDF/included)
Spanish Transcript (PDF/included)

Clear conversation/no overtalk
Includes lite crowd interaction (laughter)
Background is noise-free/no music
Speaker has no accent, however he speaks fast at times in incomplete thoughts/sentences

includes new hard-coded caption video in each language transcribed/translated and subtitle files (for use in subtitle-supporting video players – YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Source Language Dialects
translation Languages

Standard 3-5 Day Service

Marketing Video Transcribe (Source Language Dialect)
  • per project/minimum ten (10) minutes of audio/video with additional seconds rounded up to the next minute as needed
Speakers / Includes Timestamps
Don’t ID Speakers
ID All Speakers
1-2 Speakers
3 Speakers
4 Speakers
5-9 Speakers
10+ Speakers
  • Human Proofreading (of source transcription)
  • PDF Transcript (source language)
  • All subtitle files (source/translated)
Pricing for any additional factors regarding each video will be determined based on the quality of the audio and these factors:
  • How many speakers? Is conversation clear without over-talk? For best results, 1 to 2 speakers are a good baseline. Transcribing/translating multiple speakers will incur additional costs .
  • Is the background noise-free? Are there “fast-talking” speakers? Are run-on/in complete sentences and ideas present? Transcribing/translating during difficult audio will incur additional costs – CONSULT FOR DETAILS.
  • How are the accents of the speakers? Transcribing/translating hard accents will incur additional costs – CONSULT FOR DETAILS.
  • I work hard to omit ums, ahhs, grunts, throat clearings, false starts, stutters, etc. where needed
  • Video Translate $1.50 per minute

    Translate your source language dialect video transcription into a PDF transcript utilizing one of our [12] translation languages. Per audio minute pricing (rounded up as needed) includes timestamps and speaker IDs (if in the original source language transcription).



$1.25 per audio minute (rounded up)

I will sync your video with a hard-coded subtitled caption overlay in chosen language at bottom and add our logo to each video as a watermark

With my video captioning service, you will also be able to personalize the font color palette and caption style, so they match the brand personality and message of your video.

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Project Add-On Videos

Waveform Video Ad Banner

So in 1995, the first ever banner ad was created.

Its CTR (click through ratio … how many clicks it got) … was measured. It was 44%. Meaning 44 persons out of 100 people clicked on that ad.

Over the years, this percentage has gone down the drain to a mere 0.4%! Now only 8% of the users will be able to recall a company, product, or service after viewing an ad.

It is said that 86% of consumers suffer from BANNER BLINDNESS.

So if a business puts a notification on their website in today’s advertising world, most people would simply ignore it and move on.

And HERE IS where Waveform Video Ad Banners shine.

They grab your attention and keep it. They are disruptive. People get mesmerized by the moving audio track …

… And most importantly, people see them in the midst of all the other ads and noise online – giving your business an advantage when interacting with your message.

Extract a valuable content point from with your source video to create a waveform video banner ad for use within your various social media channels, website, landing pages, etc. as an engaging social video.

Combine your image/artwork, a selected audio clip from your source video, an audio waveform animation and/or animated caption for up to 60 seconds in length. 

Delivered in HD resolution as either a square, landscape or portrait orientation.

Custom square, landscape or portrait orientation designs available for additional costs.

Project Add-On Videos


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  • Transcribed Video Banner
    Transcribed Video Banner $77.00

    Use a phrase/slogan from your transcript along with a snippet from the source video (up to 8 seconds) to create a shareable video banner that you can use for advertising the source video.

    Includes (optional) voiceover (not the original voice from the source video) to read out phrase/slogan and a music track (optional).

Transcribed Video Banner @ $77

Use a phrase/slogan from your transcript along with a snippet from the source video (up to 8 seconds) to create a shareable video banner that you can use for advertising the source video.

Includes (optional) voiceover (not the original voice from the source video) to read out phrase/slogan and a music track (optional).

Bundle Deals

At stet aliquam nec, mei an dicam posidonium instructior. Id iracundia scriptorem disputando mea, omnes corpora ne sed. 

Business English

Advanced English
$ 139
  • 2-3 times a week
  • modern British textbooks
  • from 6 to 9 months

Beginning English

daily practice
$ 99
  • Daily Classes
  • modern British textbooks
  • from 6 to 9 months

Conversational English

bi-weekly practice
$ 79
  • 2-3 times a week
  • American English
  • from 3 to 6 months

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